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NuvaRing & Heart Attacks

nuvaring_lawsuit_heart_attackIn 2011, a young woman, aged 24, died after experiencing two heart attacks. It may sound odd for someone of such a young age to suffer from multiple heart attacks, but the young woman, Erika Langhart of Durango, Colorado, had been using a newer form of birth control – the NuvaRing – associated with serious side effects, including heart attack.

Following their daughter’s death, the Langhart family decided to take up the cause of informing women about birth control side effects, especially those of the NuvaRing. According to local newspaper, The Durango Herald, Langhart’s parents started an organization called Informed Choice for Amerika to spread the word about side effects, and they also recently shared their story on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360.

Furthermore, to hold NuvaRing’s manufacturer responsible for marketing and selling what they deem a dangerous product, the Langhart family filed a NuvaRing lawsuit targeted at Merck.

It is encouraging to see a family so motivated to prevent further injuries in other women after they experienced such a devastating loss of their own.

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