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Credit Card Companies’ Debt Suspension and Debt Cancellation Plan Class Action

Carey Danis & Lowe renders legal counsel to clients seeking to file a class action lawsuit against credit card companies who have been utilizing fraudulent business practices and manipulating their customers into paying unwarranted fees via debt protection programs. Credit card companies have been enrolling their customers in credit protection plans and debt security programs without notifying the customers of such enrollment.

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Credit Card Companies Class Action

Oftentimes, credit protection plans and debt protection programs are complete fabrications and do not event exist as an actual service offered by the credit card company. However, fees for such credit payment protection plans have been appearing on the monthly credit card statements of customers.

Not only have credit card companies been fraudulently charging their customers for nonexistent services, and for services not rendered, these credit card companies have also been enrolling their customers in these nonexistent credit payment protection plans without a proper analysis of whether the customer would ever actually qualify to receive such the benefits from a debt security program. Thus, the credit card companies involved in these deceptive practices are using an automatic enrollment process in order to charge fees to as many of their customers as possible, regardless of current employment status, employment history, financial history, other qualifications, et cetera.

It has also come to light during the investigation of the deceptive business practices being used by a number of credit card companies that they have frequently employed manipulative, deceitful marketing strategies in order to lure customers into acceptance of credit payment protection plans or debt security programs. These misleading advertisements have led to some customers voluntarily enrolling in a payment protection plan or debt security program, making the monthly payments on their credit card statement, and never reaping the benefits of the protection plan. Oftentimes, in such cases as these, the credit card companies have lured customers into voluntary enrollment through deceitful marketing, and have withheld benefits touted in their marketing campaigns even when the companies have received monthly payments.

 Attorneys at Carey Danis & Lowe are currently investigating and representing clients in class action lawsuits in regards to the following credit card companies and their respective credit payment protection plans:

   Credit Card Company

   Payment Protection Plan

American Express Business Account Protector Program
American Express Account Protector
Banana Republic Card Security Program
Bank of America Credit Protection Plus
Barclays Bank Account Protector Program
CarCareOne Payment Protection Plan
Credit One Bank
First Premier Bank Credit Protection
Gap Card Security Program
GE Money Bank Debt Security Protection
Old Navy Card Security Program
Pentagon Federal Credit Union Debt Protection
Walmart Card Security Program
Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Smart Payment Plan
World Financial Network National Account Assure
Other Companies Other Plans


Credit payment plans and debt suspension and debt cancellation programs exist in order to protect the financial standing of full-time workers so that, in the event of a life-altering event that significantly impacts an individual’s financial position, responsibility for paying monthly credit card statements can be suspended. For example, if a full-time worker is for a time unable to work due to a disability, has enrolled in a credit payment protection plan, and has made the monthly payments for such a plan, the disabled worker is entitled to receive such benefits outlined in their credit card company’s debt security plan, one of which most likely includes the suspension of responsibility to pay monthly installments towards a credit card statement.

Customers who normally would not qualify for enrollment in a credit payment protection plan include part-time workers, and it has been discovered that many credit card companies have knowingly enrolled part-time workers into such debt security plans. Therefore, it is possible to act as a class representative in a consumer protection class action lawsuit against credit cards companies and their fraudulent credit payment protection plans if you were enrolled in such a plan as a part-time worker.

Class representatives in this specific lawsuit also include individuals who were enrolled without their consent, senior citizens, seasonal workers, those enrolled after they were placed on disability leave, and the self-employed. If you fall into any of these categories of victims, you can act as a representative in a class action lawsuit and may be eligible to receive compensation for your financial losses.

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