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Client Testimonials

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“I wanted to personally let you know that my check came today.  I cannot begin to thank you, and the rest of those involved in my case in your office, for being so helpful, kind, caring, and above all patient.  I know no one there ever met me personally, but I feel like you made things very personable throughout my case.  I never once felt like a name on a piece of paper….from all of your updates/requests, to Mr. Rosemergy calling a year ago letting me know the settlement amount, as I stood in the rain outside of work to get good cell reception and almost fell on the ground stunned!  This all certainly helps lessen the blow of going through what I had to, and I am thankful my husband thought enough to check into your firm, then to inquire about becoming part of a case against Bayer.  We really didn’t have to do very much work on our end, for results that are more than we could have dreamed of.  We thank all of you so very much for all of your work and compassion to the real people behind the cases you deal with!  If you would please share this email with your team, that would be wonderful!

Again, I simply cannot thank you all enough for your dedication to your clients.”

– Jennifer Z.

“I would like to express great appreciation to your firm. Thank you from the depths of my heart! Because of your determination to assist my family in our case, you have changed my child’s future for the better. I pray that your firm continues it selfless works to assist and represent people who may not have the resources otherwise. Thank you for the life changing results. May God Bless your entire firm!!”

– Teresa M.

“I cannot express my most sincerest gratitude for your assistance in this matter. She is thrilled with the results and is very happy. Thank you for taking such great care of her case and for such a great result. Please pass along my thanks to all at Carey & Danis involved in this case. Your firm has always performed above and beyond on all matters where I have been involved. Thanks.”
– Bruce H.

“I had a real nice conversation with a lady named Sarah today. I appreciate the time she spent with me, She treated me with respect but mainly as a person. I don’t see that much anymore. Please pass this along to her.”
– David D.

“I am very glad for dealing specifically with you and your firm due to the lack of “lawyer” traits you have and the dedication you expressed in doing the right things for the right reasons. Sir, I appreciate you and respect how you work. I thanked God for that and even gave myself a pat on the back ofr facing what ailed me and my family. Thank you.”
– Leila C., Connecticut

“Thank you for all you hav done in this case involving my daughter… I appreciate your help, service and wisdom. I doubt that you get many “Thank You” letters…I know the increased financial security that this settlement represents will be great relief.”
– Ron W.

“I received the check from your firm, thank you. I am surprised at the Medicare. Usually if you owe the government, they wanted their money yesterday. It’s done and over. Thank you for all your work and correspondence. Also thanks to all your staff that had a part in the case. I shared some of the first check with my three kids as Harriet was their mother. Then I invested the rest in case I need it for my old age. I am only 77 now.”
– Elmer W. Barwin

“Please accept my thanks for the check which you were able to secure for me because of the death of my wife due to asbestos. We would have been married 50 years on June 28th. No one ever had a more wonderful wife and I truly miss her. The money could never replace her but it makes me feel better knowing that someone cares and is willing to fight for me. Again many thanks to you and your staff.”
– C. C. Caldwell

“I want to thank you for your help in sending a message… I commend your firm for taking on the giants for those of us who have been duped. ”
– Heidi B., Illinois

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you… for keeping me abreast of the progress on the case. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and feel blessed that I saw your ad in our local newspaper. ”
– Louise C., Missouri

“I have been remiss in not letting you know how much I appreciate all that you did for me and the others involved in the lawsuit. Little did I know two years ago when I called your office… that I would be the recipient of a generous settlement. My wife and I are grateful to you and your firm for your efforts on our behalf. ”
– Eric B., Minnesota

“I cannot find the words to show you my gratitude for all you have done for me and my family. We will forever be in your debt. ”
– Shirley V., Missouri

“In the dictionary the meaning of persevere is to keep at something in spite of difficulties, opposition or discouragement. You have certainly done all of these. You have championed the small guy. Thank you so much for a job well done. You have changed my life as well as hundreds more for the better. ”
– LaVonne C., Colorado

“No words can express my thanks to you for the money I received from my claim! Thanks, thanks, thanks. I will refer you attorneys because you are the best!”
– Sarah C., Colorado

“I appreciated your frequent communication updating me on the progress of the case, as well as the explanation of the disbursement of the settlement. I am pleased with the settlement and completion of the case. ”
– Jacquelyn K., Illinois

“Just a note to show my appreciation for a “job well done.” Thanks so much for your hard work in reaching a settlement for me. I am very pleased with the outcome. I will keep you in mind and again thank you so much. ”
– Charlene P., Oklahoma

“I am very grateful for all that you did for me. To tell the truth I am in total shock that you handled the case so quickly and so efficiently. I would like to again express my gratitude. Life will be much easier for me. ”
– Elfreeda P., Kansas

“You have changed my life. Thank you so much for representing me in the… lawsuit. After years of living paycheck to paycheck and having mounds of debt I am a free woman. So thank you and just know that you helped change my life!”
– Sandra L., Washington

“Thank you so much for your hard work and perserverence on my behalf. Your help is greatly appreciated.”
– Veronica H.

“There are not enough words to express our thanks to you for the work you did for us on the Baycol settlement. We are very satisfied with the settlement. The only words we can say are a very big THANK YOU.”
– Mary J., Illinois

“Please express our gratitude to everyone connected to our case. Even though I will never fully recover from taking Baycol, this money we received will make the road a lot smoother. Thanks again.”
– Mr. & Mrs. Robert S.

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