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St. Louis, MO Personal Injury Attorney FAQ

Why do I need to talk to an attorney right away?

You need to talk to an attorney as soon as possible so all your rights are protected. An attorney can find out how much insurance is available to compensate you. There can be complicated insurance questions including whether uninsured motorist coverage is available, whether multiple policies of the uninsured motorist coverage can be stacked to provide additional coverage, whether underinsured motorist coverage is available, whether the defendant has excess insurance coverage or an umbrella policy.

There also may be other people who are responsible for the person who injured you such as the employer or principal of the driver who injured you or it may not have been an injury as the result of malpractice, but because of a defective product instead. An experienced personal injury attorney can explore all avenues of potential recovery. It is also important to preserve all the evidence in your case.

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Why shouldn’t I cooperate with the insurance company?

You should never give a recorded statement to the claims adjuster for the insurance company without consulting first with an attorney. The claims adjuster works for the insurance company. Their job is to help their employer and the person or business who caused your injury. It is not to help you. They may try to get you to agree to misleading statements of how an accident occurs which will be used against you if the case goes to trial.

Never sign any papers sent by the insurance company without first talking to an attorney. A release called a general release will prevent you from suing other people liable for your injuries, even though the insurance company will not compensate you for those additional claims.

What about my lost wages?

You are entitled to full compensation for time off work due to your injuries. Keep your own log of your time off work. Obtain medical statements for your time off.

My vehicle was damaged in an auto accident. What am I entitled to?

If you were injured in an auto or truck accident, I will help you obtain a rental car and maximize the amount available under Missouri or Illinois law for your vehicle, with no fee on the settlement for your vehicle or property damage. We charge a contingent fee only on the personal injury portion of your settlement or judgment.

How much is my case worth?

Many factors enter into the valuation of your settlement claim. Important factors include how long you need medical treatment, what kind of treatment you received, the length of time you continue to experience pain and suffering from the accident, the extent of any personal injuries you suffer, and whether you suffer permanent injuries.

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