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Commercial Litigation Attorneys in St. Louis, MO

Commercial litigation covers a wide area of the law, and essentially includes any lawsuit in which a person suffers economic damage as opposed to personal injury.

Why we are different from other law firms handling commercial litigation cases:

The difference between our St. Louis commercial litigation attorneys and other firms in the commercial litigation area is that we work with our clients to find the best fee structure for both parties. This can include 100% contingent fees, hourly rate fees capped to a specific dollar amount with a lower percentage contingent fee, clients paying all the expenses or us advancing the expenses.

Even though the law firm is small, we have been successful in going against publicly traded companies represented by the largest law firms in the United States. We can level the playing field in commercial litigation because with our expertise and the unique fee structure, a large corporation will not be able to outspend you and force you settle your case disadvantageously.

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The firm’s commercial litigation practice encompasses most aspects of commercial relationships, including disputes involving misappropriation of trade secrets, patents, accountant malpractice, contracts, business dissolutions, disputes involving the purchase or sale of the business, bad faith claims against insurance companies, the purchase of life insurance and other types of securities. Almost all of the cases are brought on behalf of the plaintiff, unlike many commercial firms who represent both plaintiffs and defendants. The reason the practice is exclusively on behalf of plaintiffs is the unique fee structure in handling commercial litigation primarily based on contingent fees or modified contingent fee arrangements.

Intellectual Property

Carey, Danis, Lowe has represented clients in a variety of cases involving intellectual property. He has prosecuted cases against Procter & Gamble on behalf of a small corporation for misappropriation of trade secrets which involved allegations that the plaintiff’s trade secret was taken and patented by Procter & Gamble in the U.S. and 77 foreign countries.

He also represented a small corporation, Inverizon© against Verizon Communications for trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and other common law claims. He has also represented plaintiffs in patent infringement litigation, copyright infringement litigation, and legal malpractice involving opinions regarding non-infringement of patents.

Accountant Malpractice

Carey, Danis, Lowe has handled numerous accountant malpractice cases. He handled a case on behalf of Warmann Oil Company against Rubin Brown and Gornstein for allegedly overstating income and assets in the audits that were provided to Warmann’s Oil’s lender. He represented Greg Gebert against Weiss Yess for advice given in the merger of World Wide Technologies and transport administrative Services. He also represented EMDE Medical Research Inc. against Peat Marwick for errors in an audit used to combine two businesses.

Disputes between corporations

Carey, Danis, Lowe has represented clients involving public and closely held corporations, corporate officers, directors and shareholders. He has represented clients in disputes regarding the purchase and sale of businesses which involve breach of contract and fraud, disadvantage of minority shareholders. He has also represented owners of businesses in disputes over business combinations. He handled a dispute between the owner of a small publicly traded company, Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. with Unisys Corporation to use the Jack Henry software on Unisys’ computers. He has also handled a case involving a startup on-line brokerage company against the software provider whose software did not perform as represented, causing the company to go out of business.

Claims against insurance companies

We also handle claims by individuals and companies against their insurance carriers for insurance coverage disputes, bad faith representation, bad faith refusal to pay claims. Lawsuits for defrauding policyholders, and claims against insurance brokers and agents for misrepresenting insurance policies, stealing premiums, as well as other claims. Jeff has handled numerous claims against title insurance companies including one on behalf of over 100 plaintiffs involving title defects for a condominium complex at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Other business disputes

Carey, Danis, Lowe has also represented owners of businesses in breach of contract claims, fraudulent misrepresentation claims, and other torts. He has also handle disputes between partners, minority shareholders in closely held corporations, and environmentally contaminated property.

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