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Carey Danis & Lowe has been joined by many hard-working lawyers who, like the founders John Carey and Joseph Danis, have made a professional and moral decision to represent victims rather than abusers. Our lawyers and staff handle a wide variety of legal matters with one goal in mind: vindicating your rights. In recent years, we have been involved in some of the nation’s largest mass tort cases, including the Fen-Phen diet drug litigation, Rezulin, Baycol, and many others.

We were also leading lawyers in litigation against Vioxx, Yaz/Yasmin, Avandia, Trasylol, and SSRI antidepressants that are known to cause birth defects. We also handle cases involving nursing home abuse, personal injury and consumer fraud.

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Medical Devices

We represent clients who have been subject to the negative side effects of medical devices put on the market by pharmaceutical companies. The expert counsel of medical device litigators at Carey Danis & Lowe demonstrate their experience and skills in lawsuits involving defective medical devices and recalled medical devices.

Harmful Drugs &
Pharmaceutical Liability

Over the last decade, Carey Danis & Lowe attorneys have obtained over $1 billion in relief on behalf of their clients in cases against manufacturers of pharmaceutical products. These results have been achieved through trial verdicts and settlements in both state and federal courts throughout the United States.

Personal Injury &
Other Practice Areas

The successful track record of Carey Danis & Lowe stems from our experienced team of individuals committed to achievement of the greatest possible result for our clients. From Carey Danis & Lowe’s inception in 1995, the firm has played a leading role in numerous high-profile class action and mass tort cases.

Carey Danis & Lowe is a National law firm that represents individuals injured by America’s largest Corporations.

Recognition of its success has been demonstrated in the firm’s leadership appointments as Lead, Co-Lead, and Management Committee members in highly recognized national cases. The firm is actively involved in community and political issues on behalf of its clients and their interests. Our clients are our most important asset.

CD&L is dedicated to representing all victims of corporate fraud, abuse and neglect. From its inception in 1995, the firm has played a leading role in numerous high-profile class action and mass tort cases. We have successfully litigated cases against some of the country’s largest corporations.

National Law Firm Focused on Complex Litigation

The experienced attorneys at CD&L have achieved over $1 billion in recoveries on behalf of their clients. These results are both nationally recognized verdicts and monumental settlements on behalf of thousands of injured clients.

The successful track record of CD&L stems from our experienced team of individuals committed to the achievement of the greatest possible result for our clients. The team includes both experienced attorneys and professional staff. The firm employs full-time medical doctors, nurses, and information technology personnel to handle the most complex medical mass tort cases.

Our mission: To serve the public interest by aiding victims of corporate abuse, neglect and greed.

Carey Danis & Lowe (“CD&L“) is a St. Louis-based plaintiff’s litigation firm with offices in Illinois, Missouri and Florida. The firm focuses its practice on complex litigation, with particular focus on pharmaceutical product liability & defective medical device litigation and class action lawsuits.

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