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Securities Fraud & Shareholder Remedies

Securities fraud is marked by insidious practices used to influence the stock and commodities market and the investors with major stakes in these financial markets. When companies submit a financial statement  containing untrue and deceptive data to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), such an incidence of filing false information with the SEC is an example of securities fraud. Furthermore, investors have a right to receive full disclosure of all information pertaining to their investment decisions.

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If an investment adviser withholds any information about an investment, especially if the investment is high-risk and could result in major losses, this act of withholding investment information is also a case of securities fraud. The high-pressure sales tactics often used to influence an investor into making an investment without disclosing all of the details of such a risky investment is also known as fraudulent misrepresentation, as the investment adviser or stock broker was sharing a deceptive and false interpretation of the investment in question.

Attorneys at Carey Danis & Lowe specialize in securities fraud litigation, and can provide expert counsel to clients who have fallen victim to a securities fraud scheme.



Past & Current Securities Fraud and Shareholder Litigation

Panera Bread Shareholder Derivative Litigation
CD&L served as liaison counsel in this shareholder derivative action for the benefit of Panera Bread shareholders who were damaged by, among other things, Panera’s overly aggressive expansion strategy.  This case was favorably resolved in April of 2011.

Stereotaxis Securities Fraud Litigation
CD&L was appointed liaison counsel in this action which is currently pending in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.  The action alleges that the corporation, and certain of its officers and directors, made materially false and misleading statements regarding Stereotaxis’ financial condition and future business products, and seeks damages on behalf of its shareholders.

Monsanto Shareholder Derivative Litigation
CD&L is amongst counsel in this action on behalf of Monsanto’s shareholders alleging breach of fiduciary duty against certain of its officers and directors.  It alleges that the defendants made misleading statements concerning the Company’s glyphosate and Roundup business prospects for the 2010 fiscal year.

KV Pharmaceuticals Shareholder Derivative Litigation
CD&L is amongst counsel in this shareholder derivative action that is currently pending in the Eastern District of Missouri.   This action seeks to recover on behalf of KV’s shareholders on account of defendants’ alleged false and misleading statements regarding, inter alia, the drug Makena.

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