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What is Paraquat?

Paraquat is a weed killer that has been shown to cause Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Paraquat became commercially available in 1964. The Paraquat chemical is so dangerous that it is banned in more than 50 countries and a special license is required to purchase and use it. Individuals who use it are 2.5 times more likely than the general population to develop Parkinson’s Disease. It is often used on farms in place of tilling because, unlike Roundup, Paraquat kills everything.

Paraquat Litigation

Federal lawsuits against the manufacturers of Paraquat have been consolidated in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois for pretrial proceedings. Carey Danis & Lowe is at the forefront of the national litigation. Carey Danis & Lowe is accepting clients who have been exposed to Paraquat and thereafter either have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease or take medication for symptoms associated with PD.

If you were exposed to Paraquat before developing PD, contact the Paraquat lawyers at Carey Danis & Lowe today to see if you can join the Paraquat mass action lawsuit.

Paraquat Trade Names

The Paraquat Parkinson’s Disease lawsuit involves the Paraquat chemical used in numerous brand names, including but not limited to:

  • Paraquat
  • Paraquat Dichloride
  • Gramoxone
  • Blanco
  • Cyclone SL 2.0
  • Firestorm
  • Helmquat 3SL
  • Bonedry
  • Devour
  • Para-Shot 3.0

Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

There are no blood tests or scans that can diagnose PD. Individuals may experience symptoms without a formal PD diagnosis.

Symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease include:

  • Hand tremors
  • Loss of balance
  • Prolonged stiffness
  • Slowed/difficult movement
  • Rigidity
  • Freezing (inability to move)
  • Parkinsonian gait (take small, shuffling steps/difficulty picking up feet)
  • Reduced arm swing
  • Facial masking/frozen face (loss of facial expressions)
  • Drooling
  • Low voice/difficulty speaking
  • Small handwriting
  • Asymmetric resting tremor
  • Confusion during evening hours
  • Early awakenings or sleep disturbances

Medications Used to Treat PD Symptoms

There is no cure for PD but symptoms may be managed with medication. If you have had Paraquat exposure and are taking any of the following medications that are used to treat symptoms of PD, you may qualify for Paraquat litigation even without a formal PD diagnosis.

  • GOCOVRI (amantadine)
  • Apokyn (apomorphine hydrochloride injection)
  • Artane (trihexyphenidyl HCL)
  • Azilect (rasagiline)
  • Cogentin (benztropine)
  • Eldepryl (selegiline)
  • KYNMOBI (apomorphine hydrochloride)
  • Sinemet (levodopa)
  • Mirapex (pramipexole)
  • Neupro (rotigotine transdermal system)
  • Nourianz (istradefylline)
  • Requip (ropinirole)
  • Xadago (safinamide)
  • Zelapar (selegiline HCL)

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