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GMO Corn Seed Lawsuit – Farmers

Corn growers across the United States have sustained great financial losses over the past few years due to either the use of GMO corn seeds, or instances of cross-pollination with GMO corn crop. For those growers who have used GMO corn seeds, the challenge has become finding a buyer willing to import GMO corn.

Once a major importer of U.S.-grown corn products, China has refused to accept U.S.-grown corn because the corn has been genetically-modified. One such genetically-modified corn seed is Agrisure Viptera, or MIR 162, developed by the Swiss company Syngenta.

It is estimated that between January – August 2014, U.S. growers lost $1 billion in revenue due to the shuttering of the Chinese market to U.S.-grown GMO corn.

In addition to financial losses sustained from the rejection of GMO corn products, U.S. corn growers who grow conventional or organic corn have felt similar financial strain. Their crop has also been rejected, or has lost market value, through cross-pollination.

Cross-pollination between non-GMO corn and GMO corn has resulted in tainted crops that, for non-GMO corn growers, has meant lost profits from being forced to sell crops at a lower price than normal, or from having crops outright rejected for containing genetically-modified material.

Additionally, other corn growers have cited lost profits from their decision to get out of the corn growing business altogether. These corn growers have pointed to biotechnology giants, like Monsanto, as a primary reason for their decision. They fear that Monsanto will enforce their patent rights, and bring them to court, because of cross-pollination.

Carey Danis & Lowe Represents U.S. Corn Growers

The experienced trial lawyers at Carey Danis & Lowe represent U.S. corn growers in GMO corn lawsuits. Our St. Louis law firm is currently accepting and evaluating all GMO corn cases. If you have suffered financial losses due to GMO corn seeds and/or cross-pollination, we encourage you to explore your legal options and compensation eligibility with one of our lawyers today.

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