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Trucking Accidents & Passenger Vehicle Collisions

The collision of an 18-wheeler truck and small personal vehicle is devastating to all parties involved. However, for those in the small personal vehicle, it is likely that the severity of injury and the fatality rate will be much higher for vehicle occupants and operators, especially when compared to such rates of severe injury and fatality for truck drivers involved in trucking accidents. The chaos resulting from such a collision with an enormous commercial vehicle is on a completely other level than that of an accident between two personal vehicles of a similar size.

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Trucking accidents involve serious personal injuries that often result in the death of a loved one. Obtaining maximum recovery for individuals and families who have suffered injuries requires experience and skill on the part of those representing victims in a personal injury lawsuit. Trucking companies defend these types of cases very aggressively, and thus, it is of incredible importance to seek out the best personal injury and trucking accident lawyers in the nation.

The experienced attorneys at Carey Danis & Lowe have obtained several multimillion dollar settlements and verdicts in favor of the families and individuals that have been hurt and have significantly suffered as a result of involvement in trucking accidents.

Trucking accidents are devastating and unfair for a great number of reasons, one of them being the sheer difference in size between the two or more colliding vehicles. As their disparate sizes indicate, the weight of a car differs greatly from the weight of a tractor-trailer, semi-truck, or 18-wheeler. In addition to its mass, one must take into consideration the weight of the cargo that the commercial vehicle is carting from location to location.

The crushing force that such a heavy commercial vehicle can deliver during a collision with a small personal vehicle is enormous. The physical injuries from a trucking accident are traumatizing both physically and psychologically for those directly involved in the accident and for family and friends close to the victims of a trucking accident.

Trucking accidents have a variety of causes, including negligence and malfunctioning vehicle parts. Truck driver negligence encompasses many different actions and decisions that result in traumatic, and sometimes fatal, trucking accidents. Pressure is sometimes placed upon truck drivers to work long days and long weeks, often without a day off. Small driving mistakes can lead to huge accidents when truck drivers have been working more than 7 consecutive days, working for 10 or more hours on a daily basis.

The fatigue felt by these drivers operating enormous and heavy commercial vehicles is quite significant, and to knowingly ignore such fatigue is a negligent action on the part of the truck driver and the trucking company employing the truck driver. Federal and state laws regarding trucking operations have established regulations that enforce driving limits for truck drivers in order to prevent trucking accidents caused by negligence such as truck driver fatigue.

Attorneys at Carey Danis & Lowe have a profound understanding of the federal and state-specific trucking laws, and with this knowledge, are able to provide clients intelligent, personalized, and unparalleled legal counsel in a personal injury lawsuit. Improper vehicle maintenance is another example of truck driver negligence.

Sometimes the truck driver is completely aware that their commercial vehicle is due for maintenance, but ignores such knowledge in order to complete a delivery. Turning a blind eye to the proper upkeep of a commercial vehicle can cause fatal trucking accidents.

Distraction is the cause of a number of trucking accidents. Distractions are experienced by everyone while on the road, especially with the use of electronic devices while driving. In many states, cell phone use, and more specifically the act of texting while driving, and in some states, even talking on a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, have been outlawed.

Unfortunately, not all drivers, and not all truck drivers, follow the law in regards to cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle. Truck drivers have a responsibility to pay attention to the road while they are on the job, as their inability to do so can have fatal results.

The compensation one can receive in a personal injury settlement can be of incredible importance in the recovery and healing process for victims of a trucking accident. The medical expenses for the treatment of personal and psychological injuries caused by a trucking accident can accumulate beyond an amount that a victim can afford to pay.

Also, victims of a trucking accident may have suffered such life-altering personal injuries that they were not able to return to work, or may have even lost their jobs due to their injuries. In such cases, if the victims can prove that the truck driver caused the accident, through negligence, driver error, or something of this vain, compensation is due the victim in a fair and just personal injury lawsuit.

If you feel that you were the victim of a trucking accident that was the fault of the truck driver, contact an experienced trucking accident and personal injury attorney today at Carey Danis & Lowe. We always provide our clients expert legal advice that helps them win the justice they most rightfully deserve, especially in cases of truck driver negligence lawsuits.

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