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Jury awards man in Mototrcycle Accident $6 million for Injuries he Received When his Motorcycle Collided with a Tractor Trailer

A motorcycle collided with a tractor-trailer severely injuring the Motorcyclist in March 2006. A Jury entered a $6 million verdict in favor of the motorcyclist.. The Jury verdict was against Colonial Freight Systems Inc. of Knoxville, Tenn., and its driver.
The motorcycle driver was riding a 2003 Honda Shadow when the truck changed lanes, striking the rider and knocking him off his motorcycle. The jurors rejected the truck driver’s version that the motorcyclist entered an entrance ramp and drove directly into the tractor-trailer.
The Motorcycle rider was a 13-year Army veteran and former security guard, lost four fingers on his left hand and can no longer walk without assistance because of injuries to his left leg.
Jurors awarded the plaintiff damages for past and future physical injuries, disfigurement, physical impairment and medical expenses.
Motorcycles are uniquely dangerous because of the carelessness of cars and trucks and the difficulty they have in seeing motorcycle riders. Because of that always wear a helmet, drive with the headlights on, and us the turn signals. It is just a fact of riding a motorcycle that cars are not going to see you because you are in their blind spot or they didn’t turn their head to look when they change lanes. Also resist the urge to take off your helmet when you are traveling in a state that does not have a helmet law. Doctors and nurses in emergency rooms don’t call them donor cycles for nothing. Please don’t become a donor, but if you are in an accident contact an attorney experienced in handling motorcycle accident cases.