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Doctors Upset by Plan to Publish Medical Malpractice Payments in Malpractice Cases

By July 7, 2008July 18th, 2019Medical Malpractice

A proposal by North Carolina’s Medical Board to post medical malpractice payment information on its Web site has upset doctors, the News & Observer reports.
In “Plan to post malpractice data irks docs,” staff writer Sarah Avery explains that doctors, their insurers and lawyers who represent doctors are vocal opponents of the measure. They claim that by posting old settlement amounts, patient confidentiality could be violated.
But supporters of the measure – patients, plaintiff’s lawyers and a leader of the AARP North Carolina – maintain that the information will help people make informed choices when selecting a physician.
In an era when the amount of damages that injured victims can recover from careless doctors is seriously limited, it is even more important to choose a well-qualified doctor. Patients will want to consider the number of times a doctor has settled a medical malpractice case and the amount that was paid.
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