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Zoloft Birth Defects Lawsuit Review

By September 16, 2013April 6th, 2022Pharmaceutical litigation, Uncategorized, Zoloft

SSRI Antidpressant Zoloft Birth Defects LitigationA court document filed in July in the Zoloft multidistrict litigation (MDL) collected the latest information on Zoloft birth defects lawsuits pending across the U.S. According to the court document, in addition to the consolidated cases in the Pennsylvania Zoloft MDL, there are pending lawsuits in California, Illinois, Missouri, New York, and West Virginia.

In state courts across California, plaintiffs filed a total of 7 lawsuits in July 2013. There three cases pending in Illinois courts, with one lawsuit in St. Clair county involving eight families, and a 38 family case in the Southern District of Illinois.

In Missouri, there are three Zoloft lawsuits pending in courts, and in New York, there are five lawsuits pending in Oneida County and New York County. There is one case pending in the Circuit Court of Wayne County in West Virginia.

As of July 16, 2013, there are over 400 Zoloft lawsuits pending in the Zoloft MDL.

The Zoloft MDL is being heard in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and is being overseen by U.S. District Judge Cynthia M. Rufe. The Zoloft MDL is In re: Zoloft (Sertraline Hydrochloride) Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2342. The first bellwether case is scheduled to come to trial in October 2014.

Women and their families have filed Zoloft birth defects lawsuits claiming that the use of Zoloft during pregnancy led to congenital birth defects. The most commonly reported birth defects are congenital heart defects, Omphalocele, Craniosynostosis, and persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN). Visit the Zoloft birth defects information page for a complete Zoloft birth defects list.

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