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Younger Patients Focus of New Levaquin Lawsuit

By December 16, 2011July 10th, 2019Uncategorized

Many lawsuits have centered around plaintiffs 60 years of age or older developing tendon ruptures after taking Levaquin, but a recent filing is shedding light on a much younger group’s suffering.

Plaintiff Michael Majetic is only 42 years old and has suffered from a tendon rupture after taking the controversial antibiotic Levaquin. He took the pills to treat a sinus infection back in October 2005. According to his complaint, Majetic first started taking the drug in October 2005, and kept taking it on an on and off basis for five more years. He started suffering from Levaquin side effects including two tendon ruptures to his Achilles tendons.

Majetic is claiming that because of his injuries, he can’t perform regular daily tasks anymore like he used to, and that the injuries have severely diminished his quality of life. His suit names the makers of the drug, Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson, and alleges that the companies didn’t properly warn him of the dangers linked to the drug before he took it. He cites the numerous studies that have been published highlighting the dangers of tendon ruptures linked to Levaquin in his lawsuit.

Majetic’s experiences prove that it is not only elderly patients who are susceptible to tendon ruptures. Thousands of other Levaquin patients have filed lawsuits, but only three have had a chance to make it to a courtroom so far. Each of the lawsuits involved elderly patients.

Chances are many more potential plaintiffs out there who are under 60 years old haven’t filed lawsuits under the misguided belief that their claims would be dismissed because of their age. This recent filing just shows that age has nothing to do with whether a patient suffers from adverse side effects of drugs.