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Trucking Accident – Tractor-trailer Collision Proves Fatal

By October 26, 2010July 9th, 2019Uncategorized

America’s roads are a marvel, bringing together distant places and allowing family from far apart to meet up and travel the landscape in exceptional ease. Sadly, one such story has ended in tragedy due to an accident involving a tractor-trailer and a much smaller Honda.

Jade Moore of Colorado and Bill Moore of Oklahoma were traveling together last week near Dryden, New York in Jade’s Honda. The vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign for reasons as yet unknown, rolling into the path of an oncoming tractor-trailer driven by Canadian native Pierre Perron. The semi truck crashed into the driver’s side door, and both vehicles crashed into a ditch on the far side of the intersection. Jade and Bill Moore were both taken to a nearby hospital, but doctors were unable to sustain Jade and she died shortly thereafter. Bill is listed in critical condition. Authorities on the scene say Perron was not injured in the collision.

Tractor-trailers are very large trucks, weighing in at multiple tons and often moving just as fast as other vehicles. There are certain restrictions on where they can drive in various locales, such as laws requiring them to remain on the right side of the road. However, even when they’re operating within the law, these are massive vehicles that are difficult to control in split-second incidents, and collisions between semis and smaller vehicles are almost invariably injurious. Jade’s Honda, by contrast, is a compact vehicle and would not weigh even a fraction of the mass a tractor-trailer could generate. The fact that the Moores were not killed outright in the collision and subsequent tumble into the ditch is highly unusual for such severely-mismatched collisions. The fact is that smaller vehicles are not safe around such large ones.