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Trucking Accident Shuts Down Interstate

By November 24, 2010July 9th, 2019Uncategorized

It’s often said that driving is actually more dangerous than flying, statistically. However, since most people drive every day without being involved in an accident of any sort, let alone a serious one, it can be difficult to give this thought any credit. That said, however, occasionally some reminders come along that illustrate the dangers and potential chaos that can be caused by driving — particularly when semi tractor-trailers are involved.

Early on Wednesday morning, a tractor-trailer accident managed to shut down a major interstate in Ohio. A driver heading westbound near the town of Mercer lost control of his rig, and eventually tumbled into a ditch. This accident was reported as throwing debris all over the roadway. Another big rig shredded three tires on the debris before bringing his trailer under control. He was not hurt, but the first driver was taken to the hospital for injuries sustained in the crash.

Ultimately, all that happened were some relatively minor injuries, and the roadway being reduced to a single lane while workers tried to get the area clear of debris and the wrecked vehicle. However, the scenario shows how quickly things can go out of control. The accident easily could have taken place during a busier time of day. Even late at night, the accident involved multiple tractor-trailers. The second driver’s vehicle could just as easily have flipped as well following three tires blowing open.

Tractor-trailers are massive vehicles that create a danger zone for all other vehicles around them. They have large blind spots making it harder to see smaller vehicle traffic, and they build up incredible momentum which makes them difficult to control. Further, many of the drivers push themselves long hours and will periodically fall asleep behind the wheel, with dangerous consequences. These are not safe vehicles to be around, and people are advised to be cautious when they must.