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Truck Checkpoints Uncover Hundreds of Violations

By April 10, 2008July 18th, 2019Highway Safety

Truck drivers were found to be in violation of multiple laws. Last week, the Nebraska State Patrol conducted surprise inspections on trucks traveling on Omaha roads.
According to NBC-affiliate WOWT-6, law enforcement officials checked trucks weighing from one to 50 tons. State Patrol Trooper Katie Johnson explained:

“We make sure they have current registration, make sure the insurance is current. As far as vehicle defects, we look at almost everything.”

After thoroughly inspecting the cargo, the trucks and even the credentials of the truck drivers, law enforcement officers found 383 violations. Forty-eight trucks were immediately taken out of service because they posed a safety risk due to bad brakes or tires. Six truckers were not allowed to continue driving because their license was suspended or they did not have a valid commercial driver’s license. Officers also issued a total of $7,050 in fines.
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