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Truck Accident Wrongful Death Case Results in $19.2 Million Damages Verdict

By October 31, 2007July 17th, 2019Trucking Accidents, Verdicts and Settlements

A tractor trailer that rear ended a car resulted in a $19.2 million jury verdict. The force of the collision threw the car into the path of an oncoming cement truck, which slammed into the victim’s vehicle. The driver died from his injuries at the scene.
After the collision, the driver of the truck tested positive for high levels of cocaine and marijuana. The man’s family brought suit in Illinois, because the truck company was negligent for allowing the driver behind the wheel when he was clearly unfit to drive.
This case shows the tactics some truck companies will go to avoid compensating victims. After the victim’s family filed suit in Illinois, the trucking company stated under oath that it only had a limited amount of insurance. It turned out that the trucking company had more insurance coverage than they had admitted. There was actually $50,000,000 of insurance coverage available.
At trial, the trucking company fought to keep the jury from hearing evidence of its driver’s drug use, but the judge allowed the drug use into evidence. At the end of the trial, the jury found the truck driver and trucking company were 100% responsible for the collision. The jury awarded the victim’s family $18.2 million for the deceased man’s lost future earnings and the loss of the his companionship. The jury awarded an additional $1 million for the man’s suffering before he died at the scene of the wreck.
This case shows that you need to retain an attorney experienced in handling trucking accidents. All commercial truck drivers are required after accident to have drug test. It is important to make sure the evidence is saved. An experienced attorney who handles trucking accidents knows to look for all possible insurance. The possible insurance coverage includes the driver who caused the accident, the company employing the truck driver, the company whose trailer is being hauled, and any leasing company or employer employing anyone involved int eh accident even if they claim it is only an independent contractor relationship.
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