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Fatal Highway 61 Trucking Accident

By July 24, 2007Trucking Accidents

A tanker truck hit a mini van broadside, killing three children, and critically injuring the driver and another child. The accident occurred in Lincoln County on Highway 61. This is a four lane road in which cross over traffic can stop in the median. The accident occurred when the driver of the mini van attempted to drive her mini van across the northbound lanes into the path of a tanker truck who could not stop in time.
The accident occurred at a dangerous intersection in a developing portion of Lincoln County. The intersection is scheduled for $500,000 in safety improvements.
The driver of the mini van lived in the area, living less than a mile from the intersection. All passengers were wearing safety belts but the driver who was not wearing her safety belt was ejected. The three children were pronounced dead at Lincoln County Medical Center in Troy, Missouri and the driver was airlifted to St. John’s Medical Center in St. Louis while her two year old son, was airlifted to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.
According to officials, more than 40,000 cars a day travel this stretch of Highway 61. The Highway 61 intersection with Highway U and there has been an added hazard because that is an access road to two quarries which results in heavy truck traffic. Steve Rung, a former police chief of Moscow Mills who lives nearby, says he has worked several fatal truck accidents there. Mr. Rung described Highway U as a terrible intersection because the sight distance is horrendous. Andy Bender of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office stated it seems like there is a wreck there every afternoon.
A third intersection at Highway C three miles north of the accident scene is undergoing a $10.5 million reconstruction that includes an overpass with entrance and exit ramps. Less extensive plans are underway to improve the intersection of Highway 61 and U by moving the access to the outer road according to a spokesperson for Modot. Another cross over will also be built at that intersection which will be completed by the end of the year. Hopefully this will make this dangerous intersection safer and prevent tragedies like this one from recurring.