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Trick-or-Treating? Tips for Protecting Your Children This Halloween

By October 6, 2016January 29th, 2022Personal Injury
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Halloween poses many dangers for children on Halloween. One of the biggest is that of pedestrian-automobile accidents. Between the sheer volume of people on the road to dark costumes and less lights, it isn’t surprising that people are struck by cars. But, when it is Halloween, drivers have a responsibility to exercise caution – and avoid deadly collisions with anyone walking on the sidewalks. If you or your child is injured during the trick-or-treating festivities, do know that you have options.

While you cannot control the drivers on the roads, there are things that you can do to keep your children safe. Whether they’re trick-or-treating with you or out with friends, do what you can to keep them from adding to the accident statistics.

Tips for Motorists

  • Slow down when driving through residential neighborhoods. Drive at least five miles below the posted speed limit, use your headlights, and exercise caution at crosswalks.
  • Watch for children who may be walking on the road. Look out for people in darker costumes, too.
  • Enter driveways and exit them with extreme caution. Look behind your vehicle multiple times.
  • Be ready for children to dart in front of your car. Scan for children running through yards and streets.
  • Look for children who may be crossing the street between parked vehicles. This happens often in residential neighborhoods and high-frequency trick-or-treat areas.

Tips for Parents of Trick-or-Treaters

  • Teach your children to look for cars. Always look both ways.
  • Make sure that your children use crosswalks, rather than running out into the street. Also, make sure that your children know to not run out between vehicles.
  • Put reflective tape on your child’s costume, if it doesn’t have it in place already. Even just a few pieces of tape can help with visibility.
  • Do not let your children consume the candy that they have collected until they are home and you can inspect it. You will want to make sure that the candy wrapper has no signs of tampering, and toss out any homemade treats – regardless of where they came from.

Things to Stay Safe at Home

  • Do not leave real candles burning in pumpkins on your porch. This can quickly create a fire or injury hazard.
  • Make sure that your porch and sidewalks are well-lit. Children and their parents will need to see where they are going.
  • If you have a haunted house, use a sign to warn people. Make sure that the area is free of clutter to avoid slips and falls.
  • Confine your pets so that they are not outside alone. Also, make sure that you do not give your pets any chocolate.
  • Check your insurance coverage, especially when opening up your home to strangers. See what type of coverage you have in the event that someone is injured.

Injured on Halloween? Contact an Attorney

While you could do everything in your power to stay safe, sometimes it just isn’t enough. You will need to contact a personal injury attorney if something does happen. The team at Carey, Danis & Lowe Attorneys at Law understand what you are going through. We are here to help you and your loved ones after a serious injury. Schedule a free consultation now at 877-678-3400 or request your appointment online.