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Tractor Trailer Kills Kansas Couple Whose Car Skids on Icy Bridge

By March 5, 2010July 17th, 2019Trucking Accidents

The severe winter weather we’ve experienced here in Missouri has caused some dangerous road conditions. As a Missouri trucking accident attorney, this story about deaths on the road in our neighboring state of Kansas reminds me of the need for truck drivers to be especially careful during winter storms. Over one late February weekend, a couple lost their lives in a road accident involving semi trucks and icy roads. Kenneth and Diane Brown died after their car skidded on an icy bridge and was struck by a tractor-trailer in Marion County, Kansas, outside Kansas City.
It’s not clear whether this accident could have been avoided if the trucker had been driving slowly and safely for the road conditions, and allowing a safe following distance. But even most trucking companies would agree that missing a deadline due to cautious driving or pulling over in dangerous conditions is better than loss of life on the roads, especially with the dangerous weather we’ve experienced in Missouri this winter. We don’t know whether the Browns were going too fast for the road conditions when their car skidded, but drivers of 18-wheelers have a greater responsibility to watch out for others on the road. Tractor-trailers cause much more damage to cars and their passengers than the other way around because semis weigh up to 22 times as much as cars. Trucking companies have an obligation to hire safe and experienced drivers, but they sometimes choose to overlook drivers’ prior traffic citations, or even license suspensions, in favor of moving cargo as cheaply as possible.

Semi truck drivers who drive negligently for the road conditions can cause untold suffering and grief for others, including serious and permanent disability, inability to work and earn income, high medical costs and unpleasant medical treatments, and death. Victims of trucking accidents should consult an experienced St. Louis semi truck accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident. An experienced southern Illinois trucking accident attorney can help victims sue at-fault, negligent trucking companies for past and future medical costs and lost income, as well as compensation for their suffering and decreased quality of life.
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