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Report Says Transvaginal Mesh Is Safe, But Why Are Women In Pain?

transvaginalmeshlawsuitKath Ransom was a vibrant exercise devotee, enjoying high board diving, mountain biking and boxing. Now, due to transvaginal mesh surgery, Kath can barely walk due to pain in her legs and groin. Exercise is not an option.

Urinary incontinence, triggered by coughing or sneezing, led Kath to a “quick 20 minute” procedure to insert a transvaginal mesh sling to support the urethra. Stress incontinence is a common issue for women after childbirth. Kath has 2 children.

Doctors told her that she could return to work a week after the operation. However, 7 days after the surgery, the slightest movement caused severe pain in her groin and legs. The debilitating pain continues to incapacitate her.

After Googling her symptoms, she realized that the mesh was causing her problems.

Feeling the need to reach out to other victims, Kath started the “Sling the Mesh” Awareness Campaign. Hers is the latest in a series of programs including Meshies United, Scottish Mesh Survivors and Messed Up Mesh.

The Cochrane Review, an independent study on the effectiveness of mesh surgery concluded that the procedures have a “good safety profile.” It’s no surprise that the findings have shocked campaigners and the surgeons who specialize in mesh removal.

Critics of the report say that clinical trials are often funded by the medical device makers, calling in to question the studies’ impartiality. Additionally, the report focused on whether the incontinence problem was solved, not on whether women developed issues up to 5 years after the operation.

The report itself acknowledges that moderate-quality evidence was used for most of the results.

The faulty report is a concern for campaigners because they think the review will give officials and legislators the wrong idea that the mesh is safe. The pain and suffering of thousands of women point to a different conclusion.

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