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Patients, Advocates Rally to Replace Medicaid Funding for Brain Injury Rehabilitation with State Funding

By April 6, 2009March 14th, 2022Brain Injuries

Survivors of serious brain injuries and their supporters rallied in Jefferson City in favor of state legislation that would restore services for head injury victims, the Columbia Missourian reported March 5. The state bills would restore funding that was cut three years ago by Missouri Medicaid. HB 530 and SB 77 would allow Missouri brain injury patients to once again attend day rehabilitation, by adding the service to the MO HealthNet program and by covering more services. The move comes during Brain Injury Awareness Month, declared by the Brain Injury Association of America.
The article starts with the story of brain injury survivor Lisa Miller of Illinois. Miller was on her way to a meeting for work when her small car may have been hit by two semi trucks — she can’t remember. She also can’t remember giving birth to her three sons or many other things that happened before her accident, and she now has significant short-term memory problems. This is not uncommon for brain injury patients, who may lose memory, cognitive and physical abilities or other functions because of their injuries.
Patients like Miller cannot be completely cured, because brain tissue doesn’t heal the way other tissues do. They can only learn to live with their injuries, a process that may take years of physical or occupational therapy. In some cases, patients may never be able to return to work, school or other activities that were important to them before the injury. These are emotionally devastating losses — but they’re also very expensive. Over a lifetime, therapy bills, medical treatment and the cost of missed work can add up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. If this was caused by another person’s carelessness, victims can and should hold that person legally responsible for the results.
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