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NuvaRing User Suffered Life-Altering Blood Clots

nuvaringThe Huffington Post recently published an article in which the author describes her experience using the NuvaRing contraceptive device. Writing for the Huffington Post, Nancy Polanco describes using the NuvaRing for less than two months before landing in the emergency room.

Polanco’s NuvaRing nightmare began when she was having difficulty exercising. Later, she struggled to breathe to such as degree that she had to go to the emergency room, where doctors discovered that she had dangerously low oxygen levels. The reason for her breathing troubles and low oxygen levels were the result of her use of the NuvaRing.

Polanco had developed blood clots in her lungs, a condition known as a pulmonary embolism.

Now, Polanco, along with many other women who have used this contraceptive device, believes that NuvaRing’s manufacturer, Merck, failed to make users aware of the contraceptive device’s life-threatening and life-altering side effects.

In addition to the formation of blood clots, patients who use the NuvaRing have an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

This increased risk of blood clot formation, heart attack, and stroke are due to the newer kind of hormone used in the NuvaRing, a third-generation progestin known as etonogestrel. As documented in numerous epidemiological studies, etonogestrel has a strong connection to blood clot formation.

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