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Fatal Missouri Auto Accident on I-70… and Construction Worker Killed on I-55 by Dump Truck

By July 6, 2012July 17th, 2019Highway Safety

Multiple fatal Missouri auto accidents rocked the state’s highways this week: On Monday on I-55, a construction worker was hit and killed by a dump truck; on Wednesday, a man died in an accident on the Blanchette Bridge in St. Charles. Details on both accidents are still coming in.
Blanchette Bridge Accidents
According to Missouri Highway Patrol reports, on Tuesday, a multicar accident caused havoc on the Blanchette Bridge: one of the cars actually flipped over multiple times after crossing traffic and striking a concrete barrier. That crash sent multiple people to hospital and caused moderate injuries to a 10-year old girl. A second, fatal accident, happened late in the day on July 4, according to KMOV. 33 year old James Pace rear ended a semi truck that had been stopped in traffic; Pace died at the scene.
Dump Truck Tragedy
Meanwhile, over near St. Genevieve, a construction worker died in a freeway work zone, when an asphalt truck backed over him. According to a Highway Patrol officer who investigated the scene, the man had collected a highway sign and had been crossing southbound lanes, when the truck hit him. Early reports suggest that no criminal charges will be filed.
These stark and scary cases highlight how dangerous Missouri and Illinois roads can be, even for drivers who take precautions. They also demonstrate how complicated and confusing accidents can be, even after investigators clean up the scene and engage in a rigorous reporting process.
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