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Missouri Pedestrian 200 Feet from Road Struck by Overturned Big Rig When Driver Failed to Stop

By June 19, 2009July 17th, 2019Trucking Accidents

A tractor-trailer truck recently overturned in Shelby County, injuring a man nearby. Overturning is a particularly deadly hazard with commercial trucks — a study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration called it the most common large truck driver fatality accident type. However, what I as a St. Louis tractor trailer accident attorney find remarkable about this story is that the injured party wasn’t even close to the road — in fact, according to reports, he was 200 feet away.
Let’s take another look at the situation. The accident happened at nighttime, so the road was likely dark and traffic was probably light. Reportedly, all that the driver did was fail to stop at a stop sign before making a turn. All of this might sound harmless enough, but in a two-ton 18-wheeler, the stakes go way up, no matter how deserted the road appears. The smallest failure to follow traffic rules can result in the truck’s load overturning, leading to serious injuries not only for the driver, but also for whomever and whatever might be nearby.
Fortunately, the victim reportedly only sustained only minor injuries as a result of this wreck. But as a Missouri commercial truck injury lawyer, I know that other victims aren’t always so lucky. Because large commercial trucks outweigh cars by as much as 200 times, they can cause very severe damage in an accident that pits the two vehicle types against one another. Victims can be killed or suffer catastrophic, life-changing injuries, including permanent brain damage or paralysis. Just like all drivers, truck drivers have a legal responsibility to take care on the road, and that includes obeying traffic laws. When they fail, victims have the right to hold them legally and financially responsible for their actions with a Missouri trucking accident lawsuit.
With law offices in St. Louis, Missouri and Belleville, Illinois, Carey, Danis & Lowe represents clients in Missouri and southern Illinois who were seriously hurt in a serious accident with a large truck. If you have been injured by a commercial truck, or lost a loved one in an accident that you believe was caused by a trucker’s carelessness, we can help. In a Missouri semi truck accident lawsuit, you can claim all of your losses related to the accident, including financial losses like hospital bills and lost income, as well as compensation for an injury, pain, disability or wrongful death. To set up a free consultation and learn more about your rights, please contact us online, or call our firm toll-free at 1-877-678-3400.