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Lawsuit filed against two trucking companies and their drivers

By February 13, 2008July 16th, 2019Trucking Accidents

St. Louis – A lawsuit arising from a chain-reaction accident on Interstate 70 in Indiana that injured two motorists has been filed in Wayne County Circuit Court in Indiana.
On Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2005, around 9:25 p.m., Giacamo Amari, 42, and his son Jonathan Ghahary, 21, were traveling in a car headed east on I-70 near Richmond, Ind. It had been raining, and the highway was wet. A tractor-trailer owned by Salt Lake City-based C.R. England and driven by Kenneth Williams was westbound on I-70 when it allegedly hydroplaned, veered off the highway, crossed the median and drove into oncoming traffic.
Amari swerved to avoid a collision. Their car spun clockwise into the left lane of eastbound highway and ended up sideways. A tractor-trailer owned by Lincoln, Neb.-based Crete Carrier Corp. and driven by Richard Isaacs, eastbound in the left lane, broadsided the car.
Amari and Ghahary were seriously injured in the crash. Amari suffered cervical-spine injuries that required multiple surgeries and also sustained a closed-head injury and postconcussion syndrome. Ghahary suffered a herniated lumbar disc in his spine.
Jeffrey J. Lowe of Carey, Danis & Lowe filed a personal injury suit on behalf of the motorists in December 2007 against the trucking companies and their drivers. It alleges that the truck drivers were traveling too fast for the wet conditions and that they failed to keep a careful lookout. As a result, the C.R. England truck driver lost control of his semi and the Crete Carrier truck driver was unable to take evasive action to avoid the crash.
“Truck drivers speed on slick roads because of the financial pressures to quickly deliver their loads. Unfortunately, that haste leads to crashes, and it is usually the careful motorist who ends up paying the price,” Lowe said.
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