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Illinois Truck-Car Accidents Kill 10 people Over Christmas Holiday Weekend

By January 24, 2007March 15th, 2022Highway Safety, Trucking Accidents

In Illinois 10 people were killed in truck and car accidents over the Christmas holidays. Four of the 10 people killed were under 21 and 7 were under 27. Police were searching for a truck that struck a vehicle killing two people in the Cook county area. The driver of the truck fled on foot with another person and the police are talking to “persons of interest.”
The holiday season can be a dangerous one. Being the father of 2 teenage daughters who both drive, the number of deaths involving people under 21 is of great concern. In trying to find a common factor for the four deaths, 3 involved boys, and 2 in the early morning hours. The death involving the girl occurred when her Jeep flipped and she was partially ejected and may not have been wearing her seat belt.
No parent can completely protect their children once they start driving. As a lawyer handling truck and care crash cases as well as a parent I believe I can give some advice regarding driving safety. First, have your child drive the safest and newest car you can afford. The newer cars tend to have the most up to date safety features such as side impact or side curtain air bags, anti-lock brakes, staged or smart front air bags, electronic stability equipment and SUV’s with lower center of gravity and wider wheel base to reduce the vehicle’s propensity to roll over.
Also limit driving after curfew to the extent possible. Nothing good happens when teenagers are driving after 1:00 a.m. Most of all always wear your seat belt and make sure they wear theirs. The most common reason for a death involving a car accident is from being ejected from the vehicle. Cars are designed to protect a belted passenger. If you are not belted you become a projectile and frequently are ejected from the vehicle and cannot take advantage of the designed protection such as air bags, pillars to prevent roof crush, as well as other safety features. And most of all, many teenagers will drink, make sure they have a designated driver.