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ExamSoft’s Disaster for Bar Exam Participants

By June 19, 2015October 22nd, 2018Class Action

transvaginalmeshlawsuitTaking the bar exam is stressful, but it’s even more traumatic when the exam can’t be uploaded due to a technology glitch.

In July 2014, law school graduates using the ExamSoft Worldwide’s SofTest program couldn’t upload the written part of the bar exam, causing exam takers undue anxiety at a time when they were already extremely stressed.

ExamSoft allows graduates to type their essays on a laptop while locking out all other programs and the internet. Then the program saves an encrypted file that can be printed or uploaded.

However, when test takers tried to upload their answers on July 28, 2014, they were faced with a frozen screen or error messages, barring them from submitting their essays by the deadline. Worrying about the file upload added to their anxiety because they had another day of testing to endure.

Nationwide, the graduates faced the possibility that they’d fail the exam, receiving zero points due to a faulty upload. Failing the exam prompts dire consequences, nearly eliminating any chance of legal employment for the next six months, when the exams are regularly administered.

Carey Danis & Lowe Can Help

If you experienced ExamSoft Worldwide’s SofTest upload failure during the written portion of the July 2014 Bar Exam, you may qualify in a class action suit against the company, seeking compensation on your behalf and on behalf of others who were similarly affected.

For more information, please contact Tiffany M. Yiatras at 1-800-721-2519 or email her at