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Drug Watchdog Says Yaz Side Effects Case is the Most Significant Women’s Initiative Ever

By February 13, 2012July 23rd, 2019Uncategorized

As people all across the United States become more and more informed of the dangers associated with Yaz, the group Drug Watchdog has taken up its own initiative against the drospirenone-based birth control pills. This initiative is designed to help locate all of the victims of the drug’s serious adverse side effects, according to group officials.

Drug Watchdog is a private advocacy group located within the United States that was formed to help the victims of various dangerous drugs and medical devices. They keep an eye out for the dangerous medications and the victims of these drugs’ side effects. Right now, the group is in the middle of a hardcore initiative that seeks to find the women who have suffered from severe and potentially life threatening side effects while taking Yaz, Yasmin and the generic version Ocella of those pills.

Ever since the FDA issued a warning letter about Yaz to the drug’s manufacturers, Bayer, about the pills’ side effects, Drug Watchdog has been monitoring the situation.

“The FDA has also strongly criticized the drug maker for failing to highlight the risk factors associated with these birth control pills,” the group notes. “These risk factors or severe side effects include heart attacks, strokes, blood clotting, gallbladder issues and other serious medical issues.”

The Drug Watchdog takes Yaz and other drospirenone-based side effects very seriously and seeks to reach out to the victims of the drug.

“We want to talk with users of the birth control pills called Yaz, Yasmin, or the generic version Ocella, if they have had any type of severe medical side effects, or who have suddenly developed an unexplained severe medical condition,” Drug Watchdog says. “We want to get the word out to all women about these drugs, because of the potential for heart attacks, strokes and or other serious medical conditions.”

With such serious side effects being tied to Yaz and Yasmin, many lawsuits have been filed against Bayer. But the company stubbornly continues to admit that its pills are more dangerous than other non-drospirenone-based birth control pills — despite the many studies that prove otherwise. Most recently, an FDA advisory panel met in December and voted to keep the pills on the market, but after a conflict of interest was discovered regarding some of the panelists who voted, the panel’s decision may not stand. This means that Bayer may still be facing a recall of the dangerous birth control pills, and Drug Watchdog is likely going to be furthering its efforts to have Yaz rebuked by women seeking birth control.