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Dropped Fire Hose Causes Pileup on Interstate 64 — Southern Illinois Truck Accident Lawyer

By February 18, 2009July 17th, 2019Trucking Accidents

The Johnston City Fire Department will cover the costs of multiple minor accidents caused by a dropped fire hose, the Southern Illinoisan reported Feb. 4. The truck dropped 1,000 feet of hose on Interstate 64 near Centralia, the paper said, on its way to Freeburg for maintenance. The hose caused a 10-car pileup behind the truck, but all of the damage was minor, fortunately. Johnston City’s fire chief apologized and said the city’s insurance carrier would cover the damage, although he did not have a cost estimate at the time.
A dropped fire hose sounds like a joke, but we’re lucky it didn’t cause a more serious accident. One thousand feet of empty fire hose can weigh hundreds of pounds, which would have a real effect if it all hit a vehicle at once. Perhaps more importantly, dropping anything on a freeway at high speeds could cause an accident, simply because other drivers might have to take evasive action. When they see an object flying toward them, drivers might also be tempted to overcorrect.
Fire trucks aren’t the trucks most people think of when they think of accidents with large trucks — but they’re involved in a surprising amount of accidents, considering that they are driven by professionals. According to research by the University of Michigan, traffic collisions are one of the biggest occupational risks for firefighters, causing an average of 21 deaths and 1,076 injuries every year. However, as with large commercial semi trucks, the majority of those deaths — 15 out of 21 — are the deaths of people in other vehicles. Like 18-wheelers, fire trucks far outweigh passenger cars and trucks, making them deadly in an accident.
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