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Controversial Medical Treatments Still Being Used Today

By December 2, 2016October 22nd, 2018Medical Malpractice
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Some medical treatments from the past are easily dismissed today. However, there are some that are still being used that could seem archaic and medieval. These treatments are highly controversial, and practiced by some hospitals and medical practitioners throughout the country.

Electroshock Therapy

Electroshock therapy is still used today by some practitioners, and it is legal to do so with a patient’s informed consent. Today, however, the therapy is much safer than it was several decades ago. Patients are given anesthesia and the doses are controlled; therefore, the potential for brain damage is much lower. However, the treatment may still damage a patient’s short-term memory and lead to heart complications.

Chiropractic Care

Some medical doctors feel that chiropractors are not true physicians. The concept of chiropractic practice is not based on science, like conventional medicine. Also, the value of chiropractic care has not  been verified. This does not mean these treatments do not work – it just means that they have not been evaluated by science.

Leech Treatments

Leeches have been around for centuries and are still used today. In fact, they are commonly used in nervous system conditions, infection treatment, and treatments for skin conditions. Some Hollywood movie stars have been known to use leeches for skin treatments, too.

Maggot Treatments

Just like leeches, maggots are used in medical treatments. In fact, they were cleared for use by the FDA in 2004. This is because maggots lay eggs, which secrete an enzyme that dissolves the dead and infected tissues of a patient’s wound – which completes the debridement process for the patient more naturally. In return, patients may heal faster from burns, cuts, and other wounds.

The benefits of maggots were discovered when battlefield surgeons had noticed that a soldier’s wound would heal quicker if the field flies had laid eggs on the wounds.

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Whether it is a controversial treatment or something that is widely accepted by the medical community, if you suffer an injury, you have the right to compensation. Not all injuries or poor outcomes from medical procedures are considered “negligence.” Therefore, it is in your best interest to consult with your attorney to see if your case qualifies for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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