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C. R. Bard Mesh Lawsuit News: Reimbursement for Legal Fees Refused

cr_bard_transvaginal_mesh_lawsuit_claims_settlementsThe latest from the West Virginia transvaginal mesh multidistrict litigations (MDLs) involves the case of Linda Rizzo, a plaintiff who removed her case from the C. R. Bard MDL in September for undisclosed reasons. Rizzo’s lawsuit was one of four selected to be heard as a bellwether case. As the transvaginal mesh manufacturer, C. R. Bard, had expended funds in preparation for the trial, following the case’s removal, C. R. Bard requested that the plaintiff cover the cost of their legal expenses.

Judge Joseph R. Goodwin, who is presiding over the C. R. Bard MDL along with the other five transvaginal mesh MDLs in West Virginia, ruled that as the case did not go to trial, and thus, did not result in a negative conclusion for C. R. Bard, he would not demand the plaintiff to cover legal expenses. However, Judge Goodwin did ask that the plaintiff reimburse the defendant for any fees incurred during the pretrial period.

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