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Yaz & Yasmin Lawsuit Update: Israeli Women & Yasmin Lawsuits

bayerIsraeli women who have suffered injuries, such as blood clots and pulmonary embolism, from the use of the birth control pill Yasmin are standing up against Bayer. These women have applied to file a Yasmin class action lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer, Bayer.

According to Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, the class action lawsuit calls for compensation in the amount of NIS 204 million, which is over $53 million USD. The women involved in the Yasmin lawsuit claim that Bayer was negligent in warning patients and healthcare providers about the risks associated with use of the birth control pill.

In fact, the Haaretz article goes on to explain that the proposed suit alleges that Bayer was aware of the blood clot risk, but failed to provide sufficient update.

Bayer did eventually distribute safety information for Yasmin that included details on the blood clot risk. However, as the updated information only appeared in a safety pamphlet, this distribution method was insufficient in spreading the word on such a deadly Yasmin side effect, according to the women involved in the lawsuit.

One of the women involved in the case, Ruth Teitler, used Yasmin, and then suffered a pulmonary embolism. She told Haaretz that, after a year of using Yasmin, she experienced chest pain and trouble breathing to such a degree that she went to the hospital.

Once there, x-rays revealed that her lungs were overrun with blood clots.

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