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Yaz Lawsuit News Update

Published May 18, 2012 on Seedol

Yaz Lawsuit News 05/18/2012: The extension of time to settle Yaz Lawsuits in the Multi District Litigation by the presiding Judge coupled with Bayer releasing information that they intend to settle Yaz Lawsuits without going to trial when possible has led to law firms accepting new clients for the Yaz Lawsuits.

Many Law Firms were wrapping up their Yaz Case Docket in preparation for trial or settlement. Now that Bayer has been given an extension of time the Plaintiff Law Firms representing clients also have more time to take on new clients before sitting down with the defense lawyers representing Bayer to settle their docket of Yaz Lawsuits.

If you took Yaz and suffered a severe side effect it is not too late to have your case taken by a firm experienced with the Yaz Lawsuit. This situation presents an opportunity for those injured by Yaz who have yet to seek legal counsel as it can be very advantageous to have your case handled by a law firm that has a large docket of Yaz Lawsuits already.

Law Firms representing many clients have a strategic advantage over Law Firms with only a few clients as the prospect of going to trial with a Law Firm representing a large number of clients is far more risky for the defense than going to trail with a Law Firm representing a small number of clients.

For more information on getting your Yaz Lawsuit case in the hands of a Law Firm with a large Yaz Lawsuit docket , contact us today.