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Two Hospitalized When Driver Hits Motorists Stopped in Far Left of Interstate 270

By June 14, 2011July 18th, 2019Auto Accidents

A sad story about a preventable accident caught my eye as a St. Louis car accident attorney. As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported June 8, two people were injured on Interstate 270 after a flat tire forced one driver to stop on the inside lane of the highway. The Missouri Highway Patrol said Gwinnell Campbell, 36, was stopped in either the far left lane or the median west of Highway 367, standing behind her disabled van. An approaching motorcyclist, 57-year-old James Annable, slowed down when he saw the disturbance, but a pickup truck behind did not, and hit both Annable and Campbell. Both were hospitalized with serious injuries. The Highway Patrol declined to say whether any of the motorists would be cited or criminally charged.
Campbell, of Florissant, was on her way home from a practice session with her rock band, her boyfriend, Bud Voegtlin, told the newspaper. She told Voegtlin that her tire had blown out at highway speeds and she was going to pull over. The Highway Patrol was not sure whether she was in the far left lane or partly in the median of the highway. Annable, of Worden, slowed when he saw the disabled van, but 30-year-old Joseph Burch, of Lexington, Mo., apparently did not see them and hit both people. Voegtlin, whose phone call with Campbell was unexpectedly cut short, went looking for her in his own truck and came across the accident scene. He said Campbell was conscious when he found her at the hospital, but had two broken bones, a dislocated knee and a bruised lung.
As a Missouri personal injury lawyer, I would be interested in knowing whether Campbell stopped in the left lane or the median. Of course, not everyone with a disabled vehicle is lucky enough to be able to get into a median in time. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, drivers have an obligation to stop when they see a collision risk ahead — that’s what Annable did. If the Highway Patrol eventually determines that Burch failed to stop because he wasn’t paying enough attention to the road, he and his auto insurance company could be held legally liable for the injuries to the other motorists. But if Campbell could have done more to get safely out of the road, it could hurt her chances of getting full compensation. And that matters, because the kinds of injuries she and Annable likely have will be expensive.

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