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Common Costs a Car Accident Victim May Face

By October 26, 2015April 4th, 2022Auto Accidents

After a car accident, a victim will face numerous costs – and a large majority of those costs may be out of pocket, depending on insurance coverage. Even if the victim is not at fault, they may have high deductibles and copays to deal with while waiting for a car accident settlement, and there are other costs that may not even be covered with their insurance.

What Costs Will a Victim Pay?

Costs can vary depending on the severity of the accident and injuries, but some common costs an accident victim may encounter include:

  • Car Damage – An accident victim may have to pay to repair their own vehicle. Even with insurance coverage, they may have to pay a deductible, which can range from a few hundred to over one thousand dollars. If the vehicle cannot be driven, the victim may pay for the cost to tow the vehicle away from the accident scene or their insurance company may pay for the cost.
  • Ambulance Costs – A victim may also have to pay for the cost of an ambulance ride from the accident scene to the hospital and then pay any fees associated with that ambulance ride – including medical supplies and the cost of the emergency room visit. Health insurance does not typically cover these costs and while car insurance may, it depends on if the victim has medical payment coverage as part of their insurance policy.
  • Medical Costs – In addition to the initial accident costs, the victim is likely to pay a deductible or out of pocket for associated medical expenses, such as follow-ups with their family physician, medical tests, prescriptions, etc.
  • Lost Wages – Most likely the victim will have to take time away from work to recover from their injuries. If the injuries are severe, they may miss several days or even weeks of work – which may not be reimbursed by insurance and if the victim does not have sick leave pay, they may have to deal with this cost out of their own pocket.
  • Loss of Earning Capacity – A victim could be disabled or partially disabled and unable to return to work full-time or even resume the same career they had prior to the accident. In this case, the victim will suffer a loss of earning capacity and the reduced income can dramatically impact their quality of life.

How a Victim Can Be Reimbursed for These Payments

If an accident occurs because of another driver’s negligence, the victim may seek compensation via a personal injury lawsuit against that driver and/or their insurance company. The victim may then be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses they encountered as well as their lost wages, loss of future earnings and coverage for any future medical expenses that are likely to occur during their recovery.

Speak With an Attorney Regarding Your Accident Costs

You may be entitled to compensation if you have been injured in an accident. Do not handle these extensive costs on your own; instead, speak with a personal injury attorney at Carey, Danis & Lowe Attorneys at Law today. Schedule your consultation by contacting us online or by calling toll-free at 877-678-3400.