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Testosterone Gel Side Effects Overview

testoserone_gelThe promises of improved well being made in advertisements for testosterone gel have attracted large numbers of men. However, these promises fall short, and obscure a serious testosterone gel side effect. Since the use of these gels to treat low testosterone is somewhat new, health risks are still coming to light, with one of them being a threat to a patient’s heart health.

In September 2014, an advisory committee appointed by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) voted to order manufacturers of testosterone gels, such as AbbVie, the company responsible for AndroGel, and Eli Lilly, who is responsible for Axiron, to undertake research into testosterone gels and cardiovascular health.

Testosterone Gel Side Effects on Women & Children

Testosterone gel side effects are not limited to the patient, since these drugs require topical application.

For some women who have come into contact with a patient who uses testosterone gel, side effects include acne and abnormal hair growth.

For children, testosterone gel side effects include an acceleration in puberty.

Carey Danis & Lowe Is Here to Help

Suffering from the serious side effects of a drug that was advertised as a miracle solution can result in much distress. It appears that in the case of testosterone gels, the manufacturers were more interested in drug sales than supplying doctors and patients with vital information about the safety of these drugs.

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