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Medical Lending & Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

transvaginal_mesh_lawsuit_settlements_mdl_multidistrict_litigation_class_action_lawsuit_vaginal_mesh_fda_lawsuitsImagine this: you’ve filed a transvaginal mesh lawsuit and one day, the pain and discomfort you’ve been suffering through on account of your mesh device pushes you to the edge. You decide that now’s the time to change things, to remove your transvaginal mesh device. But, there’s one thing holding you back―the cost of the surgery.

That’s where medical lending companies come in.

According to a recent Reuters article, medical funding has become a big business when it comes to transvaginal mesh removal surgeries.

These medical lending companies seek out plaintiffs in transvaginal mesh lawsuits. The company absorbs the cost of the surgery, and tells the patient that they’ll expect payment plus interest once the lawsuit reaches a settlement.

This is the exact point where these companies make their money.

They charge astronomical amounts for mesh removal surgeries, and also tack on high interest rates. In the Reuters article, a medical funder, MedStar, charged a plaintiff a 50% annual interest rate.

For that particular plaintiff, Traci Rizzo, MedStar’s charges weren’t made clear to her until she received her transvaginal mesh settlement, along with MedStar’s payment request. The request amount came as a huge surprise to her.

Though it’s true that these medical lenders are allowing very injured women to receive the surgical operations they so desperately need, the argument can also be made that these companies are also taking advantage of vaginal mesh victims.

According to Reuters, MedStar is no longer in operation. However, for anyone looking to a medical funder for financial help for a transvaginal mesh removal surgery, it is highly recommended to keep in mind what happened to Traci Rizzo, and women like her, before making a decision.


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