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Mesh Warrior Is a Voice for Victims

gavel_transvaginalmeshlawsuitGiven any opportunity, a Dallas woman, who has named herself the mesh warrior, will talk to people about the devastating transvaginal mesh side effects about which she is familiar through her mom’s complications. The mesh warrior, Aaron Horton, started to spread awareness about the dangers of transvaginal mesh through writing about her mom’s experience.

In addition to writing, Horton attended the trials of transvaginal mesh lawsuits. At these trials, Horton sought to draw attention to herself, and ultimately, to her cause. To accomplish this, she donned a dramatic blue lip color. Once Horton captured someone’s attention through her appearance, she used it as an opportunity to spread awareness about transvaginal mesh complications.

According to the Dallas Observer, in the fall of 2014, Horton launched the Mesh Warrior Foundation, a nonprofit advocacy organization.

The Dallas Observer described Horton as “a voice of support to women who have lost everything after the procedure and have no one else to talk to”.

It is heartening to hear of someone so dedicated to mesh victim advocacy.

Legal Assistance for Mesh Victims

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