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Man Paralyzed by Doctor Settles Medical Malpractice Claim for $3.7 Million

By April 15, 2008Medical Malpractice

A man who was paralyzed due to alleged medical malpractice after a surgeon implanted a blood-clotting fabric into his spine has settled his medical malpractice claim for $3.7 million.
In 2003, Dr. Woosup Michael Park performed spinal decompression surgery on Leopoldo Castillo at New York Presbyterian Hospital. During the procedure, Park implanted the blood-clotting fabric Surgicel. Less than three hours after surgery, Castillo couldn’t feel or move his legs. During a second surgery, doctors discovered that the Surgicel fabric had expanded and compressed the patient’s spinal cord. As a result, Castillo was permanently paralyzed.
Castillo sued Park and New York Presbyterian Hospital for medical malpractice alleging that the use of Surgicel in spinal surgery was improper. The patient recently agreed to settle with the doctor and hospital for $3.7 million.
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