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Diabetes and Medical Malpractice

By February 18, 2016August 8th, 2018Medical Malpractice

Over 23 million Americans suffer from diabetes, which is the 7th most prevalent cause of death in the nation.

Diabetes is the No. 1 cause of adult blindness, kidney failure, and nontraumatic amputations in the country. Because diabetes has the potential for such serious complications, it requires a great deal of attention from both patient and physician to achieve a successful outcome.

Diabetes has no cure and once medication is required to manage an individual’s resistance to insulin or to boost their body’s natural supply of insulin, they will have to come to terms with lifelong treatment. The quality of this treatment will be the most important factor in determining whether they live an unimpaired life or one burdened with disabilities.

Medical Malpractice in the Treatment of Diabetes

What does a patient who has lost his eyesight, one who has had a foot amputated, and one who makes daily visits to a kidney dialysis clinic have in common? They’ve all been victims of preventable consequences of diabetes, and may all have grounds for a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit.

Health care practitioners have a huge responsibility to their patients. In fact, physicians are required to adhere to strict medical guidelines when diagnosing patients. Should they fail to diagnose, treat or educate a diabetic patient, they may face a medical malpractice lawsuit if the patient suffers any serious injury.

The Consequences of Mismanaged of Diabetes

Diabetes is a medical condition that is frequently misdiagnosed or simply not diagnosed at all, despite the fact that the patient actually suffers from the condition.  Every year, tens of thousands of Americans become the victims of preventable consequences of diabetes, and may not have gone blind, had a limb amputated, or lost a kidney had they received quality care from the medical professionals responsible for managing their diabetes.

For example, a diabetic patient who is administered too much insulin, or whose low blood sugar levels are not monitored properly may experience serious complications and even die.

Likewise gestational diabetes, which is a condition that plagues 18% of all pregnant women, may result in life-threatening complications to both fetus and mother if left untreated.

Moreover, federal statistics reveal that upwards of 24,000 Americans lose their sight due to preventable complications of diabetes every year. This signifies an inability of not only medical management, but plaintiffs’ lawyers to ensure an adequate standard of care.

The solution is the aggressive prosecution of malpractice claims by patients and their lawyers that will generate equitable compensation for the victims of malpractice and, ultimately, an improved standard of care for diabetic patients in America.

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