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Bayer Loses Yaz Patent in Federal Court of Appeals: Generic Yaz Versions Begin (Stealing) Marketshare

yaz_lawsuit_yasmin_lawsuit_ocella_lawsuit_settlements_litigation_mdl_lawsuit_settlement_amounts_gallbladder_removal_disease_surgeryBayer was recently dealt a setback in a Federal Court of Appeals in Washington. Their patent on Yaz, a contraceptive pill, was deemed to no longer be worthy of patent protection. Bayer’s patent on Yaz expires in June 2014.

As a result of this ruling, Actavis Inc. and Novartis AG can sell generic versions of the birth control pill. Though the ruling now gives other pharmaceutical companies the ability to legally compete against Bayer in the drospirenone contraceptive pill market, generic and inexpensive versions of Yaz-like drugs are driving Bayer’s profits significantly lower. In fact, Bayer stated that Yaz sales fell by 6.9 percent in the fourth quarter alone, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

The Bayer Yaz patent decision was decided in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington. The case is Bayer Healthcare Pharma v. Sandoz Inc. Bayer is currently seeking an appeal.

Though the drop in Yaz sales may be related to increasing competition from generic versions of drospirenone, Yaz has also been put in the negative spotlight for the contraceptive drug’s association with health risks, specifically blood clots, stroke, deep vein thrombosis, and in some cases, these severe Yaz side effects have proven to be fatal. According to a Bloomberg article, Bayer spent $1.57 billion in 2012 towards legal costs in Yaz and Yasmin lawsuits.

Yaz lawyers at Carey Danis & Lowe recognize that the loss of Bayer’s patent will introduce generic, inexpensive versions of drospirenone onto the market. With the firm link between Yaz and blood clots, these generic versions of Yaz have the potential to injure more women.

Carey Danis & Lowe is concerned about this drug’s ability to harm, and with this concern, our defective drug lawyers are closely working alongside our clients to bring them justice, compensation, and relief for injuries, suffering, and pain.


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