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Another Testosterone Gel Lawsuit

testosteronegellawsuitDaniel R. simply wanted to improve the quality of his life by using AndroGel, a testosterone replacement product. What he received instead was heart problems requiring cardiac catheterization and insertion of a stent.

The Lawsuit

Plaintiff Daniel R. and his lawyers contend that pain and permanent injury were caused by AndroGel. Their April 2015 lawsuit says the gel’s maker, Abbott Labs, knew of the product’s defective and unreasonably dangerous nature. However, the drug manufacturer continued to market and distribute the gel to maximize profits at the expense of the public’s safety.

Daniel R. and other patients use AndroGel to counteract the effects of low testosterone (Low T), namely: a weakening in playing sports, falling asleep after dinner and being irritable.

Abbott Labs needs to be held accountable for its negligent disregard of the harm caused by AndroGel. Had Daniel R. known of the risks associated with the gel, he would not have used it.

The plaintiff states that the warnings given by Abbott Labs were not accurate and were ambiguous. In addition, the drug manufacturer’s warnings failed to properly warn physicians about the risks associated with AndroGel. These risks range from life threatening cardiac events to debilitating strokes.

Carey Danis & Lowe Can Help You

As a St. Louis law firm specializing in pharmaceutical product liability, Carey Danis & Lowe is uniquely qualified to help people injured from using testosterone gel therapies.

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