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Accidents on the St. Louis Highways During the I-64 Construction–Tips for how to Handle Them

By January 3, 2008July 17th, 2019Traffic Safety

During the rush hour commute, highway accidents are common. But what does a driver do when there’s no shoulder? That’s the question St. Louis drivers are asking now that many are using Interstate 44 as an alternate route during the Highway 40 closure.
To accommodate increased demand during the Highway 40 shutdown, an additional lane was added to Interstate 44 by narrowing the existing lanes and shrinking the shoulder.
In an interview with KMOV-4, the Missouri Highway Patrol recommended that motorists who aren’t hurt in an accident should pull off the roadway. Special accident investigation areas located near Interstate 44 and Highway 270 have been set up by the city of Town and Country.
In addition, the Missouri Department of Transportation has added pavement pads for motorists who’ve been involved in a non-injury accident.
The highway closing also means more tractor trailers will be turning to Highway 44. In another segment on KMOV-4, truck drivers warned motorists to either pass the trucks or stay behind them to avoid accidents.
The tight squeeze means not only that the potential for truck-car collisions rises but also that there will be fewer safe places for motorists to go once an accident occurs.