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Wyeth and Pfizer Ordered to Pay $27 Million in Punitive Damages

By March 7, 2008July 18th, 2019Drug Safety

Wyeth and Pfizer must pay more than $27 million in punitive damages to a woman who claimed her breast cancer was linked to the menopause drugs they made, the Wall Street Journal reports.
The award was made last Thursday by a federal jury in Little Rock, Ark. The same jury previously awarded the woman, Donna Scroggins, $2.75 million in compensatory damages for the hormone replacement drugs Premarin, Prempro and Provera.
In making the punitive damages award, the jury concluded that Wyeth and Pfizer’s Pharmacia & Upjohn acted with “reckless disregard” when it came to the health risks posed by the hormone replacement drugs. Wyeth was ordered to pay $19.4 million in punitive damages to Scroggins. Pfizer was ordered to pay more than $7.8 million.
The companies said they would appeal the ruling.
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