Woman Suffers Mirena IUD Complication

Mirena IUD and perforationA woman who suffered Mirena IUD complications wants other women who use this intrauterine contraceptive device to get frequent checkups. The woman, plagued for years with chronic pain, shared her story with Lawyers and Settlements.

After three years of hip pain, the woman finally saw a doctor about a solution.

The doctor discovered the source of the woman’s pain―the Mirena IUD. During the procedure to place the Mirena IUD in the woman’s body, the device pierced her uterine wall, and migrated to her hip.

Ultimately, the woman underwent surgery to remove the Mirena IUD.

Carey Danis & Lowe works with women who experienced Mirena IUD complications, including uterine wall perforation, migration, and chronic pain. Our team of defective medical device lawyers understand the depth of suffering caused by the Mirena IUD; we second the advice to get frequent checkups in order to prevent serious internal damage.

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