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What in the World?

By June 22, 2011July 10th, 2019Uncategorized

Sometimes an accident just is so bizarre that, despite the seriousness of the event at the time, it comes across as downright hilarious after the fact.

Several days ago, a vehicle rear-ended a semi truck that was transporting a load of honey bees along highway I-80 in California. The trucking accident, as can be imagined, released a swarm of the angry insects into the air. An officer was stung multiple times, but was treated on-scene and no serious harm was done.

Highway patrol and cleanup officials were unable to get near the scene of the accident due to the swarm of bees. It seems that emergency officials finally hired a beekeeper to come and help round up the insects. The crash closed down multiple lanes for several hours, but roads were ultimately reopened later that day.

It’s rather surreal, isn’t it? It comes across like the plot to a small throwaway scene in a bad comedy movie. However, funny as it is, there is an element of seriousness to the matter.

Bees sting when they’re angered, and that includes honey bees. Regardless of whether these are the “sting once and die” types, all bee stings include a certain amount of venom. There are people allergic to bee stings, but anyone can have a serious reaction when stung enough times by the critters. Fortunately no one was seriously injured in this case, but it does shed a light on the transportation of potentially hazardous cargo.

Further, the accident shut down highways. These trucks don’t just carry potentially dangerous supplies: The same accidents that spill cargo onto passers-by often trap those same passengers in place. It isn’t that hard to imagine a handful of bees jumping into a family’s car, nor is it too hard to imagine a gas spill sparking and catching fire.

So whether bees or petrol, drive carefully around semi trucks whenever you can.