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Unsafe Trucks Ordered Off the Road

By April 3, 2008July 18th, 2019Highway Safety

A surprise safety inspection of commercial trucks last week by the Dallas police found more than a third of the 23 big rigs pulled over for failed the test, CBS 11 News reports.
The inspections were conducted on Interstate 20 after a series of deadly accidents involving tractor trailers occurred in Dallas. In an effort to reduce the dangers posed to motorists, law enforcement decided it was time to aggressively police the truckers.
What they found during the March 27 inspections was alarming. Some of the semis were operating with less than half of their brakes working. Another trucker had a loose load that could have easily caused the truck to overturn. One driver presented an incomplete log.
The trucks that failed the inspection were ordered off the road until repairs could be made. The driver with the incomplete log book was ordered to sit for ten hours to ensure he complied with the federal rules that regulate hours of service.
At least one driver blamed the high cost of fuel as the reason for cutting corners on maintenance. Truck driver Randy Gillan told reporter J.D. Miles:

“Right now, with fuel costs, everything being so expensive, they might shy away from safety to save a dollar or two.”

For some drivers and trucking companies, saving a buck is a higher priority than saving a life. I think the Dallas Police should be applauded for its effort to make the highways safe for all motorists.
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