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Trucking Company Sues State for Failure to Salt Road — Missouri Trucking Accident Attorney

By February 27, 2009Trucking Accidents

A Canadian trucking company is suing the State of New Hampshire, alleging that the state’s Department of Transportation is responsible for a fatal trucking accident because it failed to sand or salt an icy road. According to the Claims Journal, an insurance industry publication, a tractor-trailer was traveling along Interstate 93 when it jackknifed, running into a family’s van and killing a six-year-old boy inside. The trucking company, Fidele Tremblay of Quebec, settled a trucking accident lawsuit brought by the boy’s family for $2.5 million.
However, the company alleges in its lawsuit against New Hampshire that the state didn’t respond to at least eight calls from state troopers, requesting salting or sanding for the highway. In a deposition, a trooper called to the scene said he couldn’t stand or walk on the road, but had to “almost skate” to keep from falling. Other state troopers testified that they regularly complain about the lack of salt or sand in the area where the accident occurred.
Weather and poor roadway maintenance are relatively rare causes of trucking accidents, but they can certainly be a cause. That’s particularly true in the winter, when storms can add layers of treacherous ice to our highways. Here in Missouri, and throughout the Midwest, we’ve already lived through several storms this winter that caused a rash of serious traffic accidents. The state, local and federal governments that maintain our roads have a responsibility to take reasonable care for the public’s safety, just as drivers must take reasonable care around one another.
When government agencies fail in that responsibility, they’re liable for the results of their actions, just like a careless driver would be. In my practice as a Missouri trucking accident lawyer, I thoroughly investigate fault in trucking accidents, including the possibility that a government agency may be at fault. Using technical evidence from inside the truck and physical evidence from outside, it’s possible to establish where and how a slide started, the role a heavy load played and many other factors that could be important in a Missouri truck crash lawsuit.
In order to hold a government agency responsible for a crash, victims may have to follow special procedures and meet very tight deadlines. Experts recommend that they get help from an experienced trucking accident attorney. At the Lowe Law Firm, we offer free consultations to people who were seriously injured by a semi truck accident in Missouri or Southern Illinois. If you believe your family has a claim, you can contact us today through the Internet or call us toll-free at 1-877-678-3400.